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Isolation Transformers

Among the many different kinds of transformers, isolation transformers are specialized and peculiar. Transformers generally increase or decrease the voltage levels. But, isolation transformers are something different – they isolate the output power from the input supply to ensure safety to appliances in case of power variations….

Ultra-Isolation Tramsformers

Ultra-isolation transformers are one kind of isolation transformers. In addition to the galvanic isolation and safety, they are specialized in suppressing the disturbing effects of power interruptions. They reduce the problems that arise with spikes, surges, transients, spikes, etc. Noise and other power variations caused by these common issues are perfectly avoided by Servocare’s ….

About Us

Servomax Limited is an outstanding enterprise having an eminent place in air, water, and power-based sectors. Along with providing safety and quality air and water spaces, it is engaged in offering excellent power solutions to diversified customers. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it elongates its products and services across Pan India and overseas. Its remarkable product portfolio includes air sanitizers, air sterilizers, air humidifiers, water purifiers, and water dispensers. Our brand of ‘Servocare’ is famous for power-conditioning and power-saving products including power, distribution & isolation transformers, stabilizers, control panels, and UPS.

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500033, INDIA.

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