Ultra-Isolation Transformers
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Ultra-Isolation Transformers

Noise-less Power Supply Units of Servomax Limited

Ultra-isolation transformers are one kind of isolation transformers. In addition to the galvanic isolation and safety, they are specialized in suppressing the disturbing effects of power interruptions. They reduce the problems that arise with spikes, surges, transients, spikes, etc. Noise and other power variations caused by these common issues are perfectly avoided by Servocare’s ultra-isolation transformers. They are designed with special advanced technologies and engineering strategies to enable reliable performance. Our manufacturing and testing methods are maintained as per national and international standards – we build customized models of ultra-isolation transformers with capacities up to 3000 KVA.


Ultra-isolation transformers are necessary and helpful for various applications.

  • Computers and Peripheral Systems
  • CNC Machines
  • Digital Communication Telemetry Systems
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Medical Instrumentation


Our ultra-isolation transformers are highly beneficial.

  • They use high-insulation materials and special shielding techniques to reduce the noises.
  • They also have specialized core designs to block higher frequencies.
  • They protect the best-levels of protection against impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors, strong lightning, etc.
  • They save the microprocessor-based equipment and instruments from damages.
  • They are available in different sizes and capacities fitting the customized demands.
Technical Specifications
  • System Connections                                       Delta/Star
  • Input Voltage                                                    415V 3 Phase or as required
  • Output Voltage                                                 415V or 200V 3 Phase or as required
  • Ratios                                                                    1:1 and 2:1
  • Regulation                                                          Better than 3.5%
  • Power Factor                                                     0.75 Lead or 0.75 Lag
  • Di-electric Strength                                         3KV for 60 sec
  • Insulation Resistance                                     Better than 1000 Mega Ohms
  • Coupling Capacitance                                     0.1 PF for 100 db
  • Leakage Current                                               Less than 20 MicroAmps
  • Common Mode Attenuation                      100 db / 120 db
  • Construction Standards                                 As per IS 2026 Part I and II, IS 11171
  • Type of Execution                                            Closed Type
  • Operating Temperature                                                0° C to 45° C
  • Type of Cooling                                                 Natural air / Forced air
  •                                                                              Oil cooled (optional)
Salient Features
Input Output Rating Available
  • 415 V AC 3 Ph
  • 415 V AC 3 Ph
415 V AC 3 Ph

200 V AC 3 Ph

3 KVA 3 Ph and

Up to 3000 KVA 3 Ph

  • 230 V AC 1 Ph
  • 230 V AC 1 Ph
230 V AC 1 Ph

110 V AC 1 Ph

1 KVA 1 Ph and

Up to 50 KVA 1 Ph

  • Resistant to stresses of electrical variations in voltage or current
  • The best solution to power line problems like surges, spikes, noise, harmonics etc.
  • Less coupling capacitance